KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra - World Tour - [CD]

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This is an orchestral arrangement CD that includes 12 tracks recorded from the first ever KINGDOM HEARTS official orchestra concert tour. Enjoy the KINGDOM HEARTS music from the live performance supervised by the composer, Yoko Shimomura.

Track List: 
1. Dearly Beloved - KINGDOM HEARTS II Ver. -
2. Destati
3. Treasured Memories
4. The World of KINGDOM HEARTS
5. Fate of the Unknown
6. Threats of the Land: KINGDOM HEARTS Battle Medley
7. Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley
8.  Vector to the Heavens
9. Wave of Darkness
10. Daybreak Town: The Heart of χ
11. The Other Promise
12. Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley

Release Date: August 2017

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