Hitman Collector's Edition [PC]

*Product will not contain a physical DVD ROM copy of the game, but instead contain the digital download code of Hitman - Full Experience.


Welcome to the World of Assassination. You are Agent 47, the world's ultimate assassin. Backed by your long term handler, Diana Burnwood and the power of the International Contract Agency you operate on all continents across the globe to unravel a conspiracy originating from the highest echelons of the world's power elite.

On release players have access to the Intro Pack content - Prologue Mission, the Paris Sanguine Fashion Show, full access to Contracts Mode, Escalation Mode, elusive targets and other live content for the Prologue and Paris.

Remaining content will be available as six releases periodically throughout 2016, starting April 2016.  As Agent 47, you perform contract hits on high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. 

Future locations - in April, Sapienza Italy, track down a scientist residing in the sunny coastal town. In May, the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, Morocco.  And as the story expands you will travel to Thailand and the USA before concluding in Japan later in 2016.

Release Date: 03/11/2016

More information

  • HITMAN Game and Collector’s Box – Get your copy of HITMAN in this premium collector’s edition box.
  • Agent 47 “Chessmaster” Statue – A massive 10” statue of Agent 47, considering his next checkmate.
  • Tie & Clip Set – The iconic tie of Agent 47 and logo-emblazoned clip for going out in HITMAN style.
  • Artbook – A hardcover art book with 60 pages that take you deeper into the World of Assassination.
  • Digital Game Download – Contains your code to download your copy of the full game - as it is released.