Release Date: 6/23/2015

Heroes of Eorzea, mount your chocobos and take to the skies to bring an end to the thousand-year Dragonsong War and restore light to the realm. A whole new FINAL FANTASY XIV awaits!

Notice: This product is not compatible with the Steam version of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. If you’ve purchased FFXIV: A Realm Reborn on Steam, then you must also purchase FFXIV: Heavensward on Steam to upgrade your existing account.

*Please note that FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward is only an expansion pack and FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is required to play the game.

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The Warriors of Light journey now to Ishgard─a city-state mired in a thousand-year conflict with the dragons of the Dravanian Horde. Can our heroes uncover the ancient truths buried in Ishgard’s bloody history and help bring an end to the Dragonsong War? Can the Warriors of Light cast off the shadows that darken the realm?

Heroes of Eorzea, the time has come to rise once again! Set forth with players across the globe on an adventure that will take you to the heavens and beyond. A whole new FINAL FANTASY XIV awaits!


The FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition includes collectible items to display along with exclusive in-game items to use on your new adventures in the city-state of Ishgard and the largely unexplored areas beyond the Coerthas central highlands.
  • Expertly Crafted Dragon Mount Figure 
  • The Art of Eorzea – Heavensward – Artbook 
  • Additional Content Disc: Eorzea in Motion - A Realm Revisited 


Exclusive In-Game Flying Griffin Mount
Take to the skies and fly through the clouds on the back of the majestic griffin.
Dark Knight Cecil-themed Baron Helm
Relive the magic of FINAL FANTASY IV with this specially designed headgear exclusive to the Collector’s Edition.
Wind-up Kain
Summon a clockwork rendition of Kain Highwind, legendary dragoon from the mythical kingdom of Baron.
This mysterious potion grants you a single opportunity to edit your character's appearance.

*Consumers are limited to 2 Collector’s Edition per order

Final product may vary from image.

Dimension: 7-5/8” x 7-1/8” x 10-5/8”

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  • A New Level Cap (50 → 60) 
  • Flying Mounts 
  • A New Playable Race: The Au Ra 
  • New Jobs: Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologian 
  • A New City-state: The Holy See of Ishgard 
  • New Primals: Bismarck and Ravana 
  • A New High-end Raid: Alexander 
  • Airship Construction and Customization in Free Company Workshops 
  • And More! 
OS: Windows Vista® 32/64bit, Windows® 7 32/64 bit, Windows® 8 32/64 bit, Windows® 8.1 32/64 bit
CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo
Memory: 2GB (4GB recommended for 64bit OS)
Available space on hard disk/SSD: 30GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA® Geforce® 8800 or higher, ATI Radeon™ HD 4770 or higher
Screen Resolution: 1280x720
Internet: Persistent broadband internet connection required
Sound Card: DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX® 9.0c or higher)
DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c or higher

OS: Windows® 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 2.66GHz
Memory: 4GB
Available space on hard disk/SSD: 30GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or higher, AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 or higher
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Internet: Persistent broadband internet connection required
Sound Card: DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX® 9.0c or higher)