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FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Official Magazine - FALL 2016 [Import Book]

We are pleased to present the Fall Issue of the official FINAL FANTASY XIV information magazine! This issue includes the latest artwork from Patch 3.4, and a guide for those who want to start playing in a healer role. Special minion stickers also included!

WARNING: The magazine is a direct import of the Japanese version, and will be in Japanese only.

Content Overview

★The Art of Eorzea Patch 3.3〜3.4
Presenting the latest concept art by the FFXIV art team

★Eorzea Collection Patch 3.4
An in-depth look at the new gear and furniture from Patch 3.4

★FFXIV Magazine × NGC
Featuring a long-format interview with Edosan” (no, it’s not a typo!) and Fumiichi from the Niconico Game Commentating Channel

★ARR 3rd anniversary special presentation: 14-hour livestream guide
Dissecting the details of the event that took place at Square Enix HQ on August 27th, 2016

★Eorzea job-change guide – Healer –
Detailed information for adventurers interested in becoming healersContent featured include: 
・Let’s try out the healer role! 
・What to expect in a light (4-man) party 
・What to expect in a full (8-man) party
Also includes advice on customizing your HUD layout

★Let’s sing some primal songs!
For those Warriors of Light who are thinking, “I would love to sing those cool primal songs at karaoke, but all the lyrics are in English, so I’m scared to try…”We’ve added Japanese phonetic letters to make it sound close!

★Koike and Kotake’s Eorzea Life!
Includes a long-format interview with Yumi Koike from “School of Eorzea”

★Rush interview with the development staff!
We bring you the voices of the FFXIV Development team members directly from the source! 
Part 1: Project Manager, Kenichi Takahashi 
Part 2: UI Planner, Kei Odagiri 
Part 3: Visual Effects Designer, Hiromi Yamashita

★Patch 3.3 Story Playback
Includes the full story from Patch 3.3, which featured the conclusion of the Dragonsong War.

Release Date: December 25, 2016

*Limit one (1) per customer.
*Shipment may be delayed due to customs and duties if it contains an imported product. Also, please be aware of potential release date changes which will be announced on the website.