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Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol

VALKYRIE PROFILE: Lenneth brings the classic PlayStation game console title, originally released in 2000, to the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system with completely new CG cut scenes dramatizing the epic story of a Norse battle maiden collecting souls for a war between the gods.


In a poor town, a young girl flees from home with a childhood love upon discovering that her parents have sold her into slavery. The two wind through dark mountain passes until they reach a meadow of poisonous flora. Her mind filled with memories of a difficult past, the girl chooses to end her life peacefully among the weeping lillies. The boy holds the love of his life in his arms as she passes away.

Years later, Asgard, the realm of the gods, remains locked in an eternal struggle between the benevolent Aesir and the demonic Vanir. With the end of the world approaching, Odin, lord of Asgard, summons Lenneth Valkyrie to his side. Possessing the ability to hear the thoughts and feelings of men and women in their dying moments, he charges Valkyrie to search Midgard, the world of mortals, to recruit and train the souls of worthy warriors to join the ranks of the Aesir in the Sacred War.

But who is Valkyrie, and why does she resemble a young silver-haired girl who died tragically years ago? With the outcome of the war resting upon her shoulders and time running short, Valkyrie takes flight to the battered lands of Midgard.

  • Relive a classic RPG faithfully converted to the PSP system and enhanced with all-new CG cut scenes not present in the original PlayStation game console version.
  • New event cut scenes contain links to the story of VALKYRIE PROFILE 2: Silmeria, the prequel for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, and are collected in a movie gallery.
  • While unravelling the story as Valkyrie in Midgard, time marches on in the Sacred War. Every action in Midgard is reflected in battle reports from above.
  • An exciting battle system allows the player to control their party of four heroes simultaneously. Land successive attacks to build combos, and unleash spectacular special moves and magic to devastate the enemy.
  • 24 unique characters weave together an epic tale inspiried by Norse mythology. Collect and cultivate characters by developing their individual traits and skills. Ultimately, it is for the player to decide whether to keep party members in Midgard, or send them to Asgard to aid the war effort above.
Developer: tri-Ace, Inc.
Format: PSP (PlayStation Portable) system
Category: RPG
Players: 1 player
Ship Date: July 18, 2006