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Platform: PS One/Playstation 2

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Comic Mischief
Mild Animated Violence

This special compilation of FINAL FANTASY V and FINAL FANTASY VI offers players the opportunity to experience two classic titles from the world renowned FINAL FANTASY franchise.


Combining two titles from the highly acclaimed FINAL FANTASY series, FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY offers PlayStation game console owners a glimpse into the past of one of the most successful role playing series of all time. Huge worlds, in-depth storylines, innovative battle and magic systems and an incredible cast of characters all make for an incredibly deep gaming experience. The inclusion of FINAL FANTASY V marks the first time this title has appeared on a console in North America. Featuring ground breaking play mechanics, FINAL FANTASY V provides unparalleled freedom in character development. FINAL FANTASY VI, originally released as FINAL FANTASY III on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the U.S., brings one of the most successful RPGs in history to the PlayStation game console for the first time. Both games in this compilation feature never-before-seen CG movies, adding to the appeal of these classics. Packaged with a bonus music CD containing favorite scores from both titles, FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY is sure to be an instant collector's item.

  • Includes a collector's audio CD of favorite musical scores from both games.
  • Epic storylines combined with an intuitive control system will appeal to all fans of the genre.
  • FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY combines two full RPGs that provide over 30 hours of game play each.
  • Countless weapons, magic spells and special skills allow for a variety of strategies and attacks.
  • Various side quests and hidden endings increase the replay value of the games.
  • Includes brand new CG movie sequences created exclusively for the PlayStation release.
  • Both games incorporate monster summoning magic later used in FINAL FANTASY VII.
  • Delve into the past of Square's patented ATB (Active Time Battle) system, seen in recent hits like FINAL FANTASY VII.
  • First North American release of the popular best seller.
  • The huge variety of "job" skills allows players to mix and match many different abilities to create custom characters.
  • The unique "Esper" magic system allows characters to cast over ninety different magic spells.
  • A variety of optional "mini quests" add to the game's replay value.
Developer: Square Co., Ltd.
Format: PlayStation game console
Category: Role-Playing
Ship Date: October 5, 1999