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FRONT MISSION 4 draws the player into a world of military strategy and political intrigue. A deep storyline unfolds as gamers command wanzer (mech unit) squads through a wide variety of action-packed missions, seeking to uncover the culprits behind a deadly attack that threatens to start a World War.

Set in 2096, the game opens six years after the Second Huffman Conflict, the stage of the original FRONT MISSION game. As an unidentified group of wanzers assaults and destroys an E.C. German base, Elsa, a new recruit in the E.C.'s Durandal corps, is sent to Germany with her team to investigate. The story then turns to Darril, a U.C.S. Army sergeant in South America, whose company is sent to Venezuela in order to prevent secession. Though Darril's squad seems far more interested in slacking off than fighting a war, their plans for early retirement are put on hold after they witness a fateful plane crash in the jungle.