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Price: $19.99

Platform: Xbox 360™

Maximum order quantity: 5

Mild Blood
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol
The first full-scale, new generation RPG by Square Enix, INFINITE UNDISCOVERY is a collaborative effort with hit-maker tri-Ace (STAR OCEAN®, VALKYRIE PROFILE®). This new brand of RPG draws players into a real-time world, woven of countless threads, where their choices will spin untold discoveries. Exciting real-time battles are seamlessly intertwined with the world map, and players can use the environment to customize gameplay and enjoy a number of play styles.

Deep in a forest, in one of the Order's prisons, a young boy named Capell was being held captive. His captors called him the "Liberator," though he had no clue as to what they meant. On the third day of his imprisonment, he was rescued by a spirited young woman named Aya. She was a member of a small band of brave warriors who had gathered under the banner of Sigmund the Liberator to free the world from the iron grip of the Order.

Upon meeting Sigmund, he was surprised to find a man who shared his very face and appearance. This meeting would change Capell's life forever and shake the foundation of the world itself.
Discovery & Impact
  • The actions you choose to take based upon new discoveries will have a real-time impact on the world
Situational Battles
  • Players will be confronted with a variety of dramatic situational battles such as executing a daring escape while a gigantic ogre follows in hot pursuit, or waging battle amidst towering tsunamis. The dynamic environments change and respond in real time, creating an entirely new experience never before seen in the genre
A Seamless World and Real-time Action
  • Combat, exploration and other actions all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting between each game facet. Battles are carried out in real-time, bringing the vibrant fighting sequences of the STAR OCEAN series out of the traditional battle screen into a beautiful and lush environment
Connect Ability System
  • 17 characters join the hero, Capell, with unique Connect Ability actions that allow the player to tap into their abilities and take direct control